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Michigan Business - Free News for your website - XML/RSS feeds from Michigan Business

Available RSS/XML feeds:

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RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication'. RSS allows you to keep up to date with the news on your favorite web site, without having to visit them all individually. RSS sends the details straight to your news reader for you to browse through each time an update is detected.

The most compelling use of RSS is that it lets users read dozens of websites, all on the same page. 

RSS also allows you to deliver our latest headlines to your XML enabled web site.

The Michigan Business Directory now offers a free RSS feed of its Michigan-based news and other popular categories and content. Use this together with either a web based RSS feed reader, or a Desktop RSS feed reader to keep up to date on the news, throughout the day, every day.

How do I use your RSS feeds?

You will either need to download and install a Desktop RSS feed reader program, browser based reader or use one of the mobile readers listed below. Once you have either installed or subscribed to a news reader, simply add our RSS feed URL into the appropriate 'add feed' section. It will then collect and display the latest headlines.


iPhone, iPad - free
Reviewer's rating: 4.5/5
Flipboard draws news from a wide range of sources, but it also lets you tap into your Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader RSS feeds. Flipboard mimics the look of a newspaper, with editable sections such as news, sport and technology. You can change the publications from which they draw stories. Each section presents on a newspaper-style layout that mixes stories from different publications. You can swipe to turn pages, tap on a story to read it and then swipe to jump straight to the next story. The layout makes it easy to skim stories from a range of feeds. You can send stories to Facebook, Twitter or email. You can also save them to ''read it later'' services such as Instapaper, Pocket and Readability, but you can't access your saved lists from Flipboard.


iPhone, iPad - free ($2.99 Pro removes ads)
Reviewer's rating: 4/5
Lacking a fancy interface, MobileRSS is purely an RSS reader that is entirely dependent on Google Reader. The two-column display lists your feeds on the left. On the right are the six most recent stories in the selected feed and you can swipe down to see more. When reading a story you can swipe across directly to the next item. MobileRSS doesn't contain a categorised library of high-profile RSS feeds, although Google Reader does. You can send stories to a range of services, including Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote, but you can't import feeds from social media or ''read it later'' services. Similar to Pulse, MobileRSS is better suited to people who want to scroll through a few important feeds rather than browse a wide range of news sources.


iPhone, iPad, Android - free
Reviewer's rating: 3/5
Pulse presents your RSS feeds in rows, displaying four stories a feed. You can swipe across to see more stories or down to see more feeds. When reading a story you can swipe to jump to the next story. Pulse lets you add RSS feeds from its library as well social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Reddit and Digg. You can save stories to services such as Instapaper, Pocket (formerly Read it Later) and Evernote. Strangely you can't save to Readability but you can read stories you've saved to Readability by other means. Pulse is great if you want to scroll through a few important feeds but if you're looking to browse a wide range of news sources for interesting stories then Flipboard might be more appealing to you.


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