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Local Companies - Submit Printable Coupons or Offer a Discount / Savings to Michigan Business Directory Visitors and Members

Place Coupon Advertisements for FREE

Ann Arbor Coupons and Price DropsThe Michigan Business Directory is happy to announce YET ANOTHER free service for our members.  Members may now submit coupons and discounts for free to our directory.

The coupons will be listed on your business directory listing, as well as distributed with RSS technology.  Visitors will have the option to subscribe to your coupons, as well as subscribe to our entire XML feed of coupons.  RSS subscriptions for specific cities are also available.  These coupon feeds are syndicated to  Google and Yahoo.  The advertising benefits are enormous, but be sure to include any restrictions for use because the coupons will be viewed by a large audience.

Adding your discount or coupon to your MBD listing has become even easier.  A new field "Optional Coupons or Discounts offered" will be apparent when you login to your account or add a new listing to the directory.

Be thorough when describing your offer (example information is listed below).  Our system offers complete flexibility.  

  • HTML is optional
  • Coupon Offer should be concise
  • Include a description of the offer that describes any restrictions.
  • Promotion Type (choose "Sweepstakes". "Coupon","Free Shipping","Discount","2 for 1") etc..
  • Coupon or Discount Code (make this unique for your tracking purposes)
  • Date Start: MM/DD/YYYY  (if applicable)
  • Date End: MM/DD/YYYY (if applicable)
  • Note, if you are an advanced user, it is easy to add an image to your coupon:

We reserve the right to reject any coupons that are deemed inappropriate for our audience. We reserve the right to reject any coupons by our sole discretion is deemed "not in the spirit of this service".  All spam will be rejected.

Allow 72 hours to process and post the coupons.

Coupons are one of the most effective ways to encourage a consumer to try your product or service. They also get the consumers who already use your company's products to keep buying it. The consumer saves money and is happy—exactly what you want! 

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