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Traveling with your Pet - Pet Summer Michigan Travel Concerns

Car Travel with Your Pet 

Plan ahead for a great trip and don't forget to visit the Michigan Travel Ideas section of our website!

Many pets, especially dogs, are great travelers and enjoy a vacation as much as any other family member. 

Some pets, however, would be happier staying at home in familiar surroundings, eagerly awaiting your return from your Michigan vacation. Cats rarely enjoy traveling. Most are stressed by riding in a car. Traveling with a cat can also increase the risk of it being lost.

If you plan to travel in Michigan with your pet, the following tips will help assure your pet is safe and comfortable while on a vacation with you.

Not Just Smart -- It's the Law!
Ever notice when you enter some states that you'll see large signs saying "Buckle up; it's the law!" 

People are beginning to understand that vehicle restraints for pets are essential for the safety of all the passengers (human and animal). Restraints also help a pet feel more secure while traveling, especially when you have to make some quick turns or maneuvers.

Is your pet a traveler?
Before making plans to travel with your pet, determine whether it can travel in a car without becoming sick or stressed. Start with short trips. Consult your Michigan veterinarian if you think your pet may need medication to travel comfortably. Tranquilizers should be given only upon the advice of your veterinarian.  There are many natural products on the market like the Pet-Ease shown below:

Pet-Ease Soft Chews for Dogs are tasty, soft treats that are formulated to help ease your pet's stress and anxiety when traveling, grooming and during periods of separation. Chews help to reduce destructive behavior caused by stress and anxiety. Identification
Your dog or cat should wear a collar and an identification tag at all times, especially when you are traveling. Information on the tag should include a telephone number that will be answered while you are away from home.  

Food, water and equipment
Take along your pet's food and water, dishes, bedding and leash. Keep fresh water in a thermos or canteen and offer your pet water frequently. Arrange to keep your pet on its normal diet. Familiar food, dishes, leash, and bedding will be comforting in strange surroundings. If your pet is a cat or small dog, take along a pet carrier. Your pet will probably feel more secure resting inside the carrier.

Vaccinations and health certificate
Have your dog or cat examined by your Michigan veterinarian prior to travel. Make certain your pet's vaccinations are current, including a parvovirus vaccination if your pet is a dog. Take along proof of current rabies vaccination.

Protect your pet
Supervise your pet carefully. Pets left unattended are easy victims for thieves who make money from trading animals. If your pet is a cat, make certain it is leashed or secured in a carrier any time you are getting out of your car.

Exercise your dog on a leash or under your immediate control. Be sure to follow all posted signs at Michigan State Parks.  If you leave your pet alone in a hotel or motel room, place the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

In hot weather, animals can suffer from heat prostration very quickly if left in a car even if the windows are partially open.  The Pet-Vent for Cars - Window Barrier may work for short periods.

Booking a room
Traveling with a pet requires careful consideration. It is possible to find hotels and motels throughout Michigan that will accommodate pets. Your lodging plans will have to be made in advance and your mobility will be restricted by "No Pet" regulations in many public and private areas.

Make advanced reservations. Check online to determine whether pets are permitted and, if so, under what conditions. This will prevent aggravation and save time. There are numerous hotels, motels, and campsites that welcome pets as guests. Some motels limit the number of rooms for travelers with pets, and some require pets to be housed in a separate kennel facility. 

Assuring your pet's safety and comfort will make traveling in Michigan easy and enjoyable for you and your pet. 


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