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National Women's History Month - Famous Michigan Women

In 1987, the National Women's History Project petitioned Congress to expand the national celebration of Women's History to the month of March. Since then, the National Women's History Month Resolution has been approved with bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. 

Is there a woman in Michigan that deserves to be recognized by you this month? 

The Michigan Business Directory salutes the many businesses in our directory that are owned by women.

Each year, programs and activities in schools, workplaces, and communities have become more extensive as information and program ideas have been developed and shared.

For more information on National Women's History Month, visit: 

Below is a timeline of important Michigan women history dates:

1848 The first womenís rights convention is held at Seneca Falls, New York.
1866 Michiganís first bill on womanís suffrage is defeated by one vote.
1867 For the first time, women taxpayers are allowed to vote in school elections.
1872 Fannie M. Richards, Detroitís first African American teacher, founds the first public school kindergarten in Michigan.
1893 Marie Owen becomes the first woman police officer in the U.S., serving the Detroit Bureau of Police.
1899 The National American Womenís Suffrage Association holds its annual convention in Grand Rapids.
1900 Alice Chaney of Detroit becomes the first female ship captain on the Great Lakes.
1912 Kalamazoo Corset Company employees go on strike. It is one of the first disputes to cite examples of sexual harassment.
1912 The Detroit Business Womenís Club is founded, it is the first professional womenís club in the U.S.
1918 A state constitutional amendment grants suffrage to Michigan women.
1919 Congress passes the Nineteenth Amendment. Michigan is the second state to ratify the amendment on June 10. Women vote for the first time in a presidential election on November 2, 1920.
1921 After her election to the Michigan Senate, Eva McCall Hamilton of Grand Rapids becomes the first woman to serve in the Michigan legislature.
1923 The Equal Rights Amendment is first introduced in the U.S. Congress.
1943 The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, which includes the Battle Creek Belles, the Kalamazoo Lassies, and later the Grand Rapids Chicks, is formed.
1960 Grand Rapids native Marion Van Oosten Ladewig, called the greatest woman bowler of all time, wins the Womenís Professional Bowling Association National Championship. She was named to the Womenís Sports Hall of Fame in 1984.
1963 The Equal Pay Act passes on June 10.
1967 Noreen Hillary of Grand Rapids and Kay Whitfield of Flint become Michiganís first women State Police Troopers.
1968 The Michigan Womenís Commission is established by the state legislature.
1971 One of the first rape crisis centers in the country, the Womenís Crisis Center, is founded in Ann Arbor.
1973 The Michigan Womenís Studies Association is founded, the first state womenís studies association in the U.S.
1973 Carolyn King of Ypsilanti becomes the first girl in the country to play Little League Baseball.
1987 The Michigan Womenís Historical Center and Hall of Fame opens in Lansing. 

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