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Car Rental Tips for Michiganders - Advice that you may want to consider.
Rent your car from a Well-Known Company: Experience less problems (such as the automobile not being available) with a large nationwide car rental company. Nationwide car rental companies may also upgrade you if the car you ordered is not available.

Donít Buy Car Rental Insurance in most cases: Most Michigan drivers are adequately covered for the average rental (assuming it's for pleasure and not business). Check your personal auto policy. If you own a car, talk to your insurance agent. The same coverage and deductibles you carry on your car will apply ó in most cases ó to a automobile that you rent for pleasure.

Use Your Credit Card Not Debit Card: Most of the major rental companies in Michigan require a credit card to initiate the rental, even if a debit card will be used to make payment upon return of the car. And most companies will accept only a co-branded Discover, Visa or debit card.

If you are traveling by air, check if they Allow for Late Plane Arrival? If they donít, your car rental reservation might get cancelled if you plane arrives late.

Pre-Check The Rental Car: report tiny dents scratches and dings before you drive the rental car off the lot. You donít want to be charged for someone elseís damage to the vehicle.

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How Much Will The Entire Car Rental Cost? Get it in writing. Most Michigan car rental companies have different weekday and weekend rates, but sometimes quote you only the rate for the first day of your rental. If necessary, call the rental company and confirm the rates for your entire trip.

Donít Take The Prepaid Gas Option: Some Michigan rental car companies will offer the choice to pre-pay the gas at a market or higher price, or you can fill up at a local gas station upon returning the car. It will probably be less expensive to fill up at a local station if you know you won't use a full tank of gas. 

The pre-paid gas option is not a deal to you if you do not use a full tank of gas. However, if you think you won't have enough time to fill the car before returning it, then the pre-paid gas option could be useful. It could also be helpful if you're returning the car to an Detroit Metro or other airport location (gas stations are not allowed to locate by airports due to safety reasons). 

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