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Michigan Wedding Invitations

Wedding Stationary and Invitation Suggestions 

Your wedding invitations and/or stationery are a reflection of your personal style and of course your wedding day style. What is your favorite color?  Do you have a theme for your Michigan Wedding?  How formal of a Wedding Reception did you plan?

Wedding "Save the Date" Cards

If you have guests that are traveling to Michigan, or you are getting married on a holiday weekend, or you are having a wedding planned that is outside of Michigan (sometimes called a destination wedding), "save the date cards" should be sent six months to one year before your wedding date. Your official wedding invitations should go out four to six weeks before your wedding day.

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Other Cute Ideas

  • Watercolor Invitations: Paint your own invites. Really! Letterpress printing in color is pricey, so opt for a single-color design, then watercolor paint them at home.
  • Stamped Stationery: Embrace your inner craft goddess and use stamps to deck out your stationery. The beauty is that you can choose anything -- from a custom-made monogram stamp to fish for a Michigan lakeside wedding and stars for a glam theme.
  • Vintage Postcard Save-the-Dates: Pay tribute to your Michigan wedding locale (whether it's the beach or the Big Apple) with a vintage postcard-style save-the-date.
  • Illustrations - of You!: You can't get much more personal than this. Ask your stationery designer to draw in your dog or add other fun details to make it truly "you."
  • Circular or Triangular Invites: Switching up your invitation shape is an easy way to do something different without changing the design you had in mind.

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