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Wedding Ceremonies - Choosing a Church, Writing your Vows

In the past decade, the popularity of personalizing the wedding ceremony has increased dramatically in Michigan. By putting their own personal touches into their wedding ceremony, couples can feel confident that their personalities are fully incorporated into their special wedding day. 

To get your brain stimulated and focused on creating your wedding vows, make a list of ten qualities that first attracted you to your future bride or groom. Next make a list of the things that you look forward to doing with him or her in the future.  After both lists are complete, make a final list of all the thing's that you promise to do for your new wife or husband. 

Now you are ready to begin writing your wedding vows. In your first few sentences you will want to use one item from your first list, one from your second and one from your third.  For example:

"Ray, the first thing that drew me to you was your focused personality, and as we begin this journey together, I look forward to raising a family with you, and I vow to spend the rest of my life forever loving you."

Make sense?  Give it a try .. we think you'll have fun with the lists and the vows if you approach them in this manner. 

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