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Weddings are Expensive - Budgeting is Important

Planning your Michigan Wedding BudgetOn average, couples will spend $26,120 for their wedding in Michigan. This cost does not include cost for a honeymoon, engagement ring, bridal consultant or wedding planner.  Results based on our research and bride/groom responses throughout Michigan. Understanding average Michigan wedding cost can help you with your wedding budget later. 

Celebrate your Engagement!

Average Wedding Cost in Michigan by Category - please note that the categories added does not necessarily reflect the cost average of 26K because of incomplete responses, etc..

Wedding Attire $2,834 
Wedding Ceremony $2,233 
Wedding Favors & Gifts $1,323 
Wedding Flowers $2,344 
Wedding Jewelry $2,055 
Wedding Music $1222 
Wedding Photography & Video $3,186 
Wedding Reception $14,123 
Wedding Stationery $888 
Wedding Transportation $489 
Before you begin planning your wedding and reception take the time to sit down with your fiancée and categorize the top five items, or services that is a must for your wedding day. Doing so will help you both see each others view on a perfect wedding and help determine what items, services, or other ideas that are less important to you both.

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