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Planning Your Honeymoon - (this page is a favorite amongst our bride and grooms to be!)

Quick Timing Guide for Planning your Honeymoon

Four Months in Advance of your Wedding

Three Months in Advance of your Wedding

  • Get your passwords and Visas (if necessary)

  • Get any vaccinations you may need for the travel

Two Months in Advance of your wedding

One Month in Advance of your wedding

  • Obtain your marriage license 

  • Confirm all of your reservations 

  • Write up a packing list 

  • Consider a small wedding-night gift  for your spouse

  • Choose a travel camera, (buy film if it is not a digital camera) 

One Week in Advance of your wedding

  • Pack everything that you will need for your honeymoon

  • Secure your travel tickets 

  • Decide how much cash and traveler's checks to take 

  • Learn how and where to exchange currency and find an ATM in your honeymoon destination 

  • Make photocopies of passports, airline tickets, travelers' checks numbers, and credit cards.
    Arrange for the post office to hold your mail (or for a friend to pick it up) while you're away 

  • Suspend newspaper subscriptions while you are on your honeymoon

Finally - Bride's ... don't forget to change your name when you get back with the official Bride Name Change Kit!

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