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New 2015 Michigan Business Features

April - 2015 / The Michigan Business Directory goes Mobile! Now your business will show up on every mobile device out there in a readable format!

The Michigan Business Directory is going social!

Each of our new 2015 features will help your company gain exposure on the "New Web" - the Social Web.


Our shopping section has expanded greatly with the coupon search being a huge hit for members and visitors. For example, here are coupons for purses and handbags.  

Our Blog with new Michigan shopping deals and news and opinions on a daily basis is fun - don't forget to subscribe (if you are using Rss)

We love our new Schools in Michigan section. Our database includes all elementary schools, colleges and universities, high schools, educational facilities and even private schools.

Last year we announced our new RSS feeds for new members, categorical, hotels and coupons.

Last January, we launched the free member pages and have received fabulous feedback. Over 2000 companies have obtained #1 search engine listings. Shortly after, we launched our "Best Hotel Rates Online" for travel in Michigan.  Mackinaw Island is always a favorite vacation spot. Last June, we launched enhanced hotel booking capability and the RSS feeds.  And Last July, we were happy to announce our Free Coupon Submission service and Michigan Restaurant Coupon search.

New FREE opportunities for marketing your business include:

Here are some of our new sections:

Michigan Business Friends

New Michigan Resources

MICHIGAN, MY MICHIGAN - the state song.
Written by Major James W. Long, of Grand Rapids. 

Land of my love, I sing of thee, 
Michigan, my Michigan; 
With lake-bound shore, I.m proud of thee, 
Michigan, my Michigan. 
The sweet winds whisper through thy pines, 
The jewels glitter in thy mines, 
And glory on thy chaplet shines. 
Michigan, my Michigan. traveled all thy confines, 
Michigan, my Michigan; 
From lake to lake, and shore to shore, 
Michigan, my Michigan. seen thy maimed, thy halt, thy blind, 
I've seen the ones bereft of mind, 
To all of them thou art so kind. 
Michigan, my Michigan. 

Thou art so pure, but modest, too, 
Michigan, my Michigan; 
Thou art so brave and still so true, 
Michigan, my Michigan. 
No promise unfulfilled;.on trust 
Thy noble sons have bit the dust, 
Remembered are they. For thou art just. 
Michigan, my Michigan. 

The axe resounds .mid woodland trees, 
Michigan, my Michigan; 
The sails of commerce court thy breeze, 
Michigan, my Michigan. 
And templed cities rise in sight, 
And happy eyes catch heaven.s light, 
Our God protects thee through the night, 
Michigan, my Michigan. 

Oh! Alma Mater, at thy shrine, 
Michigan, my Michigan; 
I worship thee as most devine, 
Michigan, my Michigan, 
.Tuebor. .I'll protect,. .tis true. 
Oh, fair peninsula! and you. 
Shine out a gem in starry blue, 
Michigan, my Michigan, 

Thy diadem .thy hero sons, 
Michigan, my Michigan; 
Thy choicest love.their helpless ones, 
Michigan, my Michigan. 
And just as long as song shall ring 
From those who bring an offering, 
To thee, my love, this song shall sing. 
Michigan, my Michigan.

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