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Michigan Mortgage & Refinancing Information

Refinancing Made Easy for Michigan Residents
Mortgage rates are still low!  Chances are, refinancing your Michigan home can generate great financial savings.  Have a professional determine the amount you will save by refinancing your home. 

Perhaps you bought your home when rates were higher. Or perhaps you have an adjustable rate loan and would like to obtain different terms - or you are purchasing a new home in Michigan or relocating to Michigan.

Michigan Mortgage Rates - Relocation in Michigan

Wondering if you should refinance your mortgage in Michigan? We can help you find out.

  • Michigan Mortgage & Refinancing
    • Obtain a mortgage for your home or refinancing in Michigan.
  • Michigan Home Equity Loan Information 
    • Don't get scammed and lose your home - work with a trustworthy lender.
  • Michigan Community Information by County
    • We are working hard to give you information about each of the cities in Michigan to help you make your relocation decisions.
  • Michigan Schools
    • Michigan Schools rank great on a National basis.  Check this out this section to view the outperforming schools in Michigan.
  • Michigan Colleges & Universities
    • There are so many colleges and universities in Michigan to choose from.  Everyone knows about Michigan State and U of M ... this list will give you insight into the many more that are located in Michigan.
  • List of Churches in Michigan
    • Part of community life in Michigan revolves around worship and Churches.  This list will give you information on churches in the area that you are thinking of buying a home.
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  • Second Mortgage Loans 
  • Refinance Loans 
  • Purchase Loans 
  • Cash Out Loans 
  • Home Equity Loans 
  • Home Improvement Loans 
  • First Mortgage Loans 
  • 80% 2nd Mortgage 
  • First Time Home Buyer Loans 
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  • 125% 2nd Mortgage
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Do you own your home in Michigan? 

If you do, your house may be your most important single asset. Unfortunately, if you agree to a home loan or mortgage that's based on the equity you have in your home, you may be putting your most valuable asset at risk. 

Homeowners - in particular elderly, minority and those with low incomes or poor credit should be careful when borrowing money based on their home equity. Dont put your house at risk with a bad home equity loan Why? Certain abusive lenders target these borrowers, who may be putting their home on the line. 

Don't lose your home - work with someone you can trust.  Michigan Business suggests a trustworthy company like those featured at eLoan:

Abusive lending ranges from equity stripping and loan flipping to hiding loan terms and packing a loan with extra charges. 

The Federal Trade Commission urges you to be aware of these loan practices to avoid losing your home.   

For GOOD Michigan Home Loan Rates and the ability to work with a trustworthy company, CLICK HERE

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