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About Credit Card Options for Michigan Business & Consumers

The initial step in choosing the best credit card for YOU is realizing that there are a variety of different cards available and understanding the differences. Below are some of the most common types of cards with the differences between the credit cards outlined:
Cash Back Credit Cards Cash-back credit cards - Give you cash rewards for making purchases with the card. Most cash rebates are around 1 percent of the total purchases, excluding interest and finance charges. In some cases, the amount is higher. This type of card is particularly good if you're excellent about paying off balances each month.
Reward Credit Cards Reward credit cards - Similar to cash-back cards, they offer frequent-flyer-miles, hotel discounts and other rewards just for using the card. Basically, you accumulate points toward a reward structure, based on how much you use the card over a period of time. A hotel rewards credit card can be a good fit if you travel frequently on business and favor certain hotel chains.
Gas Reward Credit Cards - Similar to cash-back cards, gas reward credit cards allow you to build up credits for gas,  just for using the card. 
Frequent Flyer Credit Cards Travel or frequent flyer credit cards - Award "miles" or "point" credits whenever you use your card, based on the dollar amount of your credit card purchases. You can redeem your points for airline travel, hotels and other travel related expenses much like you would in an airline-sponsored frequent flyer program. These cards are great if you travel frequently or want to use your card to plan vacations.
Low Interest Credit Cards Low-interest credit cards - Offer either a low introductory APR that change to a higher rate later or to a low, fixed-rate APR. Using this type of card can offer significant savings on interest, especially when you make larger purchases and pay them off before the end of the introductory period.
Banks consider student credit cards to be a matter of high priority. So any student can build good credit starting with no credit history credit cards up to good credit cards for students. The latter may include low rate credit cards, no fee credit cards, gas credit cards, hotel rewards credit cards and others.  Student Credit Cards also come in the Rewards Variety offering cash-back, travel rewards and other goodies.
Cash Back Credit Cards Reward Credit cards for Small Business not only help avoid problems with taxes and money control, but they usually offer rewards based on the amount you spend.
Credit cards for small business help avoid problems with taxes and money control. It keeps your business expenses separate from your personal expenses. We offer the best credit card applications for the Chase business credit card, the American Express business credit card, the Visa business credit card and the Discover business credit card.
PrePaid Credit Cards Prepaid credit cards - Pre-paid credit cards work like gift cards at retail stores. You can deposit any amount you want and then use the card to make purchases up to that amount. These types of cards generally don't require a credit check, and some actually have credit rebuilder and rewards programs.

Q: I have applied for a credit card but my application was rejected... What now?

A: Order your Free Credit Report and or Credit Score. It will provide you with information that will put you on the path of building your credit history and increasing your credit worthiness.

A credit score is simply a numerical representation of your credit worthiness. The majority of lenders use some sort of credit scoring model to help predict what kind of credit risk you may be. In most cases your credit score will determine whether or not you will be approved for a credit card.

Correct errors in your credit report. 
Identify fraudulent activity 
Credit Report is Free for 30 days 

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