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Michigan StateThe Michigan Business Directory is dedicated to helping Michigan Businesses gain exposure on the Internet.  New! Follow our tweets:  The methods may be slightly different -but the core of successful online marketing parallels it's traditional equivalent. Ensure your Michigan business is found on the Internet! 

For 2015, mobile is key. The mobile experience should be prioritized above all in 2015 because more and more people are accessing the Internet exclusively from mobile devices. Google is more likely to display mobile-friendly webpages in the results in mobile searches, and if your website is not optimized to offer an excellent mobile experience, its rankings will take a severe beating.

Michigan Fast Facts for Today
  • Cherries - Michigan dominates the red tart cherry marketplace, producing about 75% of the U.S. crop (200-250 million pounds ? US production is 250-300 million pounds). Michigan?s sweet cherry acreage accounts for 15,700 acres (47,000 acres nationwide). Michigan joins the top four producers, harvesting about 17 percent of the crop each year.
  • Asparagus - Michigan ranks #2 in the nation for Asparagus production, harvesting up to 25 million pounds annually (11,000 acres).
  • Iron Mountain boasts the world's highest man-made ski jump.
  • The Upper Peninsula is bigger than Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Delaware combined.

The Michigan Business Directory is mobile friendly on all devices, another reason to make sure your website is listed. Mobile SEO is particularly important for local businesses - approximately half of all mobile search queries are for local venues. However, an increasing number of people also shop and conduct research using the mobile Web.

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